TEDx Jacksonville Salon: Museum of Science and History

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TED Talks have transformed the way that transformative knowledge has spread, making it global, organized along (literally) neural networks of creativity in Design, Technology and Entertainment. From the International events, localized 'x' conferences have been organized across the world to contribute meaningful lectures from hundreds of groups simultaneously into the TED archives. Join us after the Jump for a report from tonight's Jacksonville TEDx 'salon'.

TEDx Salon Liveblog.  Stephen Dare, Arash Kamiar and Rick Benton reporting.

Opening video with Stephen Dare

Breakout Sessions Prelude, video with Stephen Dare and Tiffany Manning:

Walking around in the Breakout Sessions with Rick Benton, Arash Kamiar and Stephen Dare

Interview with Sabeen Perwais, Executive Producer of TEDxJacksonville 2013

TedxJacksonville's Jeff Spears and Arash Kamiar

Interview with the founder of TEDxJacksonville, Doug Coleman.

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