Jax Cash Mob Teams Up With 121 Financial Credit Union

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The Jax Cash Mob will once again support a locally owned small business on Wednesday, August 28 as we ‘Lunch Down(town)’ at Big Pete's Pizzeria at noon. The Mob will team up with 121 Financial Credit Union employees along with other community minded individuals to demonstrate how easy yet powerful supporting locally owned businesses can be.

What is a Cash Mob?

Well, it’s a good kind of mob for your city.  A Cash Mob is a group of people who assemble at a local business for the purpose of buying items from that business, en masse.  Quite simply, a Cash Mob is a ‘shop local’ flash mob created to spur economic stimulus for a locally owned business.  The money spent demonstrates a personal commitment and effort to support a local independent retailer in a fun and exciting way.  These events not only provide a financial and morale boost to a local business owner, but they also give ‘Mobbers’ the opportunity to meet new people.

There are three simple rules for a Cash Mob:

1-Spend money at a local store
2-Meet three new people

When we buy local, from local businesspeople, wealth is both created and retained in the community.  Studies show that for every $100 dollars spent at an independent business, the local economy gets a return of $68 as opposed to $43 when that same amount is spent at a national chain (http://www.independentwestand.org/spend_local/).  When we shop local, we are choosing to make an investment in our community and economy.

“I’m really excited about teaming up with employees from 121 Financial Credit Union to support a locally owned downtown business.  The goal of the Jax Cash Mob has always been to make people appreciate the symbiotic role we all play in supporting our local economy, and that starts with choosing to support our local small business men and women first.  Locally owned small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, civic life and local charities.  When we choose to shop locally first, we are choosing to support that which makes Jacksonville a unique and economically vibrant community” Jax Cash Mob organizer Mike Field.

Big Pete's is located at 118 N Julia St, next to the 121 Financial Credit Union downtown branch.

For more information, follow Jax Cash Mob on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JaxCashMob.

About Jax Cash Mob

Formed in April 2012, the Jax Cash Mob seeks to support locally owned businesses in Downtown and the In Town Neighborhoods of Avondale, Murray Hill, Riverside, San Marco and Springfield.  Combining the power of social media and camaraderie, Jax Cash Mob has held over a dozen ‘mobs’ promoting the benefits of shopping locally.

Source: Jax Cash Mob