Downtown Revitalization: Washington, DC

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Is it too late for a downtown Jacksonville turnaround? Many were asking the question about this city's downtown 20 years ago. Today, Metro Jacksonville looks at the rapid revitalization of Downtown Washington, D.C.

Bike Infrastructure

Bicycling makes Washington, D.C. one of the nation's most multimodal friendly cities. As of 2013, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has created 56 miles of marked bike lanes, installed 2,300 bicycle parking racks. In recent years, DDOT has also launched the country's first public bike share program, built Bikestation DC at Union Station and installed the first separated counterflow bike lane on 15th Street NW.

One innovative bike facility that stands out is the Pennsylvania Avenue cycle track.  Completed in 2010, separated bike lanes run in the center of the street from 15th to 3rd Streets NW.  Plastic bollards separate the lanes from general traffic where appropriate and major intersections include bicycle signals.  In a compact setting, utilizing existing roadway medians for alternative forms of mobility may be worth exploring locally.

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