Bike Sharing In Jacksonville? Why Not?

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Bike sharing systems are mushrooming in cities all over the globe. With the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) now looking into the feasibility of this popular alternative mobility choice, it may be only a matter of time before Jacksonville has a system of its own.

Planned Bike Share Systems

City, State: # of stations/# of bicycles (system operator - year established)

Los Angeles, CA: 400 stations/4,000 bicycles (Bike nation - 2013)

Long Beach, CA: 250 stations/2,500 bicycles (Bike nation - 2013)

Austin, TX: 40 stations/400 bicycles (B-Cycle - 2013)

Tampa, FL: 30 stations/300 bicycles (NA - 2013)

Salt Lake City, UT: 10 stations/100 bicycles (B-Cycle - 2013)

Portland, OR: NA/NA (Alta Bicycle Share - 2013)

Santa Monica, CA (NA/NA (NA - 2013)

Images of a Bike Sharing System

Established in 2010, Capital Bikeshare is a bike sharing system with 239 stations and 1,800 plus bicycles operating in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. It was the nation's largest bike sharing system until New York City's Citi Bike began operations in May 2013. The planning and implementation of the original system totaled $5 million with an additional annual operating costs of $2.3 million for 100 stations. Today, the system averages 5,700+ daily riders and 2.1 million annual riders. The system is owned by local governments but operated in a public-private partnership with Alta Bike Share, Inc.


Article by Ennis Davis, AICP. Contact Ennis at

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