One Spark Saturday Video Coverage

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Our Team continues the weekend long video coverage of the One Spark 2013 Festival Downtown. Join Arash Kamiar and the gang as they explore the first annual One Spark event after the Jump!

Street performers and some food

Changing the stigma of "pole"

Free style rap at One Spark. A random guy walks up to the "stage" and the two main performers "scold" him for pretending like he wanted to rap then walking away. The random guy walks back to the mic and blows it up.

Interview with Creator 679, Project Product Development

Interview with venue owner Jay Harris of S&N Clothing Co.

Message from OneSpark

One Spark - Top Ten Announcement (by Votes Received)

“Good afternoon everyone… I’m Elton Rivas, co-founder and executive director for One Spark…and… it’s a lovely day out here for One Spark! So, in the words of our Customer Service Rockstar, Patrick… the first thing I want to announce, is worry not my friends..worry not.  Before I get to our big announcement today and share our top 10 overall Creators in the voting race, I just want to thank everyone for not letting a little weather slow us down! That said, grab a FREE poncho… while they last… you can pick yours up at our voting and information kiosks here in Hemming Plaza and over at Main Street Park, Laura Street or the Riverwalk.

Projects, pitch decks, music stages, food village and lounges - everything is still on and based on the latest information that our team just received directly from the National Weather Service, we anticipate a clearing later today and another beautiful evening in downtown Jacksonville!

In One Spark’s first 3 days, we are thrilled to announce that the streets of downtown Jacksonville have been filled with an estimated 75-80,000 people. I must say, this is truly astonishing as there have been other similar events that have taken years to get even close to these levels…  We’ve still got two great days of One Spark ahead and we anticipate Jacksonville will continue to turn out as the weather continues to improve.

So, without further ado… let’s get to the important information… The Creators that have received the most votes… With over 15,000 registered voters and over 30,000 unique votes cast in our first 3 days, here are the top 10.

In 10th place, — project number 89, The 5 & Dime!

In 9th place, — project number 659, 1 Food Park Project!

In 8th place, — project number 168, 123-Fresh!

In 7th place, — project number 8, Kona School!

In 6th place, — project number 119, Fathom Sphere!

In 5th place, — project number 491, 1 Wall = Connection SOTRU’s The Wall

In 4th place, — project number 36, Beyond the Facade!

In 3rd place, — project number 767, 20 Murals in a Year!

In 2nd place, — project number 221, Tiger Trail!

And in 1st place…??

In 1st place, — project 166, Rethreaded!

I can tell you this… the race for votes is very… very close and there are dozens of Creators who are moving in and out of the top 10 each hour! These top 10 and hundreds following them are separated by less than 5% of the overall vote. To put some perspective on the percentages as they relate the $250,000 crowdfund, 1% of the vote received equals $2,500! So as you can imagine, there will be dozens of Creators receiving some pretty nice checks out of our our inaugural event!

Creators - keep plugging away, stay with your projects, show up at your pitch deck or music stage times and get out there and mingle with attendees because every vote counts!

If you’re here to enjoy the event — vote for your favorite projects! Your vote could be the difference between your favorite idea getting off the ground or not!

Again, we just received word that as the day goes on and moves into night, we are expecting no rain and another gorgeous evening in downtown Jacksonville! Thank you for coming out — now get out there and VOTE!”