Museum of Science and History: Curious World of Patents

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MOSH's exhibit on historical patent models will be on display for one more week. In this article we take a look at a few of the items in the exhibit.

Improvement in Clothes Driers -- Patented May 28, 1872
 by George L. Woods, Manchester, NH

“To use my new improved clothes-drier, turn the crank and the screw to run the carriage down to the convenient height, then place the arms in a horizontal position in the stand … and hang the clothes to be dried on the arms, then turn the crank and screw so as to run the carriage up, and carry the clothes up near the ceiling where the air is warmest and where they will dry soonest, out of the way of a persons’ head who may be passing under the clothes.  When the clothes are dry the carriage may be run down and clothes removed ..."

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