1904 Bar Opening Downtown

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Metro Jacksonville gets an inside look at new nightlife and music venue 1904 Bar, set to open on March 7 (Art Walk) at its space on Ocean Street.

About The Bar

The new venture is located at 19 N. Ocean St., next to LIT Downtown.

1904 Bar is a new concept by co-partners and owners Jason Hunnicutt, Duane De Castro, and Brian Eisle. All former business owners, the three discussed other ventures before settling on a true passion - music and the art of drinking. Originally looking for an open space in Springfield, they stumbled upon this lot in this larger bustling building on Ocean Street - built in 1904, hence the name. The concept and hope for the new place, with 2,600 square feet of workable space - is to marry music and spirits for a rebirth of cultural nightlife in the urban core. With little small-scale venues left to solely host musical acts (not just downtown, but in Jacksonville as a whole; only Freebird Live and Jackrabbit's seem left standing), the hope is to fill that void. They have already booked and plan to continue booking local acts and national ones alike. Ample floor space and a variety of seating caters to a standard bar outing, and they will serve beer and wine, with full liquor service possibly on the horizon. The guys hope to incorporate other interests and make the space available for art showings, fashion gigs, and useable event space for the public.


A large outdoor space out back will eventually be converted into a functioning deck/patio for additional hangout area.

Looking at the back door of the bar and skyline view.

Article and photos by Sarah Gojekian.