Coree Cuff -Duval School Board Candidate, Dist. 7

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It's time now for us to take an active part in the direction of Duval County's educational system. Take a look at Coree Cuff's position and take part in the live chat with Coree Cuff today at 2pm. More details after the jump!

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Coree Cuff's Bio

Coree Cuff brings years of business and executive management experience and a deep devotion to education, public and private, to her bid for the Duval County School Board District 7 seat. Cuff not only runs her own health and wellness business; she also has served in top positions for numerous Fortune 500 companies, has overseen budgets greater than $700 million, and has managed an employee force larger than 1,900. The key changes she seeks to enact on the School Board are a more conservative, efficient approach to fiscal management; improved use of technology in the classroom; and high school graduates that are better prepared to enter the workforce, pursue higher education or start their own businesses. Cuff is also a parent, a PTA leader, and a member of the National Federation of Republican Women. She has been endorsed by the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Coree Cuff career highlights:

• Key management and executive positions in three Fortune 200 companies (CSX, Exelon Energy and Flour Daniel)

• Executive with Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, fifth public largest transportation organization in U.S.

• Accountable for corporate budgets in excess of $700 million

• Managed over 1,900 employees

• Led high performing teams to achieve.

• Owner, CEO of own business, Well Body Academy, Inc.

• Bachelor of Civil Engineer Degree, University of Delaware

• Master of Organization Dynamics (studies), University of Pennsylvania

• Executive Leadership Certificate, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

• Member of several nonprofit boards

Why Coree Cuff is running for the School Board

Coree Cuff says our schools are going in the wrong direction and we need transformational change now, which is why she is a candidate for the Duval County School Board, District 7.

Cuff believes she is fully qualified and prepared to serve.  Cuff is an engineer, and has held key executive and management positions in three Fortune 200 companies.  She has been responsible for budgets in excess of $700 million, managed over 1,900 employees, and led high performing teams.

As a small business owner and mother of an 11-year-old public school student, Cuff wants to build a school system in Jacksonville that educates young people who are prepared to go to college, enter the workforce or set the world on fire with their own businesses.

To get there, Cuff said we need reform now.  In addition, she says our school system needs fiscal transparency, operational efficiencies, innovation in the classroom, and greater autonomy at the local school level.

Cuff believes Jacksonville has the potential to become an economic powerhouse and one of the best places to live and work in the U.S. Unfortunately, she says, our public education system is holding us back and letting our children down.

While spending approximately $1.7 billion on public education in Duval County, Cuff said too many schools are under serving students and failing the community.  

Cuff believes we can raise the quality of education in all of our schools.  She says a child should get a good education no matter where that child lives, and  we should not have overcrowding at some schools because parents have to flee failing schools somewhere else in the county.

Corre Cuff’s 7 Points of Promise

1. Increase board responsiveness, make DCPS financially responsible, transparent, and operationally efficient.

2. Hold new superintendent accountable.

3. Raise quality of education in all schools; deliver outstanding education and place resources in every classroom; revitalize arts, music and sports.

4. Graduate workforce and college-ready students; seek innovations that give students foundation to pursue entrepreneurial ventures; ramp up technology resources.

5. Promote public-private partnerships to create a system of choice.

6. Make health and wellness part of the daily dialogue in every classroom.

7. Develop respect between the board and all stakeholders.

What Coree Cuff Believes:

• I can be a Change Agent for our children.

• The role of every school board member should be to provide good governance, set excellent policies and to hold the superintendent accountable for exceptional education outcomes.

• We can reverse a looming health crisis by making health and wellness part of every student’s school day.  Children need P.E. and recess just like they need math and science.

• We can raise the quality of education in all of our schools.  A child should get a good education no matter where that child lives.  We should not have overcrowding at some schools because parents have to flee failing schools somewhere else in the county.

• We can hold ourselves accountable by guarding taxpayer dollars closely, conservatively managing the budget, maintaining strategic focus and providing high quality governance.

• Duval County needs a superintendent that is a strong leader, promotes shared decision making and is committed to putting resources as close to the student as possible.

• We need systemic change at the core, not just change around the edges.

• We need a new culture in our school system where we are unafraid to dare and willing to try new opportunities to build better schools and create better futures for our children.

• We can change the way we teach and the way our students learn by creating smart class rooms where we leverage technology and use smart tools to create smarter students.

• We need a capital investment strategy today that takes us from a “brick and mortar” model to a 21st century collaborative learning portal.

• We can give our teachers more autonomy while holding them accountable for class room performance.

• Our School Board can be more responsive to parents and taxpayers.

• We can promote public-private partnerships to create a system of choice.  We are in a crisis mode and we should use every tool available to us to educate our students, whether those resources come in the form of public, private or charter schools.

Learn more about Coree Cuff via campaign website

District 7 Candidate Coree Cuff Questionnaire

Article by Arash Kamiar