Inside Riverside's Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

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What started as something to keep Jay Burnett busy after his retirement has turned out to be Riverside's latest attraction. Zack Burnett, Bold Bean's roastmaster, gives Metro Jacksonville a behind the scenes tour.

About The Riverside coffee bar

Bold Bean puts a different spin on the traditional Jacksonville coffee shop theme.  Currently, Bold Bean roasts artisan coffee for restaurants and stores, such as Whole Foods, throughout Florida in a small Southside warehouse.  Bold Bean's Riverside venue joins this roasting operation with a brew bar in a coffeehouse style setting.  In addition to Bold Bean's artisan coffee blends, the brew bar will also offer five to six beers on tap.  The roastery and brew bar was designed by local Architects Greg Beere, James Blythe, and Jason Fisher of Content Design Group. According to Content Design, "Because of the relationship that Bold Bean has with organic coffee and sustainability, we wanted the space to remain raw, but we needed to introduce a bit of warmth to the design.  The bar is warmed with wood planks wrapping it and the main wall, while weathered 5-v crimp metal frames the roastery area and the bar seating area, adding a touch of a rustic finish. Carpet has been ripped up from the floor and the existing concrete floor will be sealed and exposed."

The Brew Bar

Sure, as roasters, we’ll take some of the credit for the coffee in your cup. But, in our eyes, it is the farmer who is the real star.

Small-scale, family farmers in remote regions of Central and South America, Mexico, Africa, Indonesia, the Pacific and Caribbean carefully tend and produce remarkable coffee crops on tiny, mountainside plots that are often perched more than a mile above sea level. Those farmers and their families are at the heart of every bag of our 100% high-altitude Arabica coffees – the finest coffees in the world.

Each family’s attention to detail and the care that goes into producing their crops – coupled with near-perfect climates and ideal growing conditions – result in green coffees of exceptional quality.
As a small, family business, we can relate to the farmers who produce those coffees. We share the same pride in product and a commitment to quality as those farmers and farm families who produce the extraordinary green coffees we roast. And, like them, we’re hands-on, involved in every facet of production, from the time a shipment of green coffee beans arrives at our roastery until each bag is filled, sealed and packed for shipment or delivery.

But our involvement doesn’t end there. Our commitment to exceptional customer service goes beyond the sale, and is as important to us as the quality of the coffees we produce.

Our small-batch, artisanal approach to roasting brings out the best flavor and aroma characteristics in every batch of beans, from delicate floral notes and a natural sweetness not unlike that of fruit and berries, to bittersweet chocolate,. Caramel and cinnamon. And, the classic design and well-tooled details of our gas fired Ambex drum roaster allows us to manually control every aspect of each roast.

And, because we are committed to bringing our customers only coffees of outstanding quality and freshness, we roast fresh daily to ensure that our coffees will be delivered to you at the peak of flavor and aroma.

The Roastery

Bold Bean will be a great addition to the Stockton Street Town Center, which is already home to a cluster of exciting businesses including Bakery Moderne and 13 Gypsies.  Bold Bean is tentatively expected to open on Wednesday, November 30, 2011.

Article and photographs by Ennis Davis. Cover image courtesy of Content Design Group.