Urban Core Construction Update - July 2011

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Here's a look at the status of various projects under construction in and around Downtown Jacksonville as of July 2011.

Duval County Courthouse - Downtown Northbank

Laura Street Streetscape - Downtown Northbank

Minggle City Cafe - Downtown Northbank

Poppy Loves Smoke - Downtown Northbank

Farah & Farah - Downtown Northbank

Baptist/Wolfson's Tower - Downtown Southbank

San Marco Boulevard Streetscape - San Marco

Brooklyn Park - Brooklyn

International Grill & LabCorp - Riverside

Stockton Street Streetscape - Riverside

Bold Bean Coffee - Riverside

Robert E. Lee High School - Riverside

COrk District - Riverside

A "to be named" upscale Italian/pizza restaurant - Riverside

Tasti D-Lite - Five Points

YOnilla Frozen Yogurt - Five Points

Chew - Five Points

Nails & Spa - Avondale

Old School Barbershop - Avondale

Pulp Juice Bar - Avondale

Family Dollar - Durkeeville

Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic - Springfield

Jefferson Street Streetscape - Springfield

Suntrust Bank - Springfield

Fire Station No. 2 Renovations - Springfield

Park View Pavilion - Springfield

Update by Ennis Davis.