Ten Qualities of a Great Waterfront Destination

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As Jacksonville continues its efforts in bringing life back to downtown, here are ten qualities of a great waterfront destination, according to Project for Public Spaces.

10. Good Management Maintains Community Vision

Management is essential to ensure that a successful waterfront stays that way. Cities could adopt the model of the Business Improvement Districts (BID) that have been successful in restoring and maintaining the vitality of many downtowns and commercial districts. A “WID” could forge partnerships between city agencies, property owners, waterfront businesses and community organizations in the surrounding district, so that waterfront programming–such as temporary exhibits of local artists or music performances– gives the place a unique character. Such an organization would be very helpful in sustaining a diverse variety of activities and events throughout the year and implementing programs that can be used to generate revenue that benefits the waterfront as a whole.

For more information visit: http://www.pps.org/articles/10_qualities_of_a_great_waterfront/

**Photo compilation by Metro Jacksonville**

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