New Gas Station Proposed for Downtown's Main Street

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Bahri Gas and Convenience Store is the latest project slated for Main Street. If it becomes a reality, this project will be built at one of downtown's most visible intersections.

Proposed Bahri Gas and Convenience Store Renderings

Site Location

Proposed Site Plan

State Street Elevation

Union Street Elevation

Rear Elevation

Main Street Elevation

DDRB 2010-007, Request for Conceptual Review Supplemental Information

Staff has concerns that the development is not meeting the general intent of the guidelines that direct development to be of urban scale with pedestrian-scaled and pedestrian-oriented design.

The site is further challenged by site constraints including physical land area and narrow dimensions, as well as having multiple street frontages on three of the four building facades.  The project when reviewed for compliance with design guidelines, creates the need for multiple deviations, with minimal or no opportunity to mitigation.  As such, staff is not able to support the development as proposed.

The project is a proposed gas operation and convenience store that will need to comply with the appropriate TCEA requirements prior to final review by the DDRB.  This requirement may necessitate a development agreement and require input and concurrence of the City Council.


Based on the foregoing, staff recommends Denial of the conceptual plans for DDRB Application 2010-007.

Urban Gas Stations

Despite the site's physical constraints, there are multiple options to urbanize this use so that it can fit in and contribute to the pedestrian scale surroundings. Below are examples of gas and convenience facilities that fit within their urban context.

Parker's Market Urban Gourmet store - Savannah, GA

A Shell gas station in Japan and a BP in Milwaukee, Wi

The Northbank could benefit from a decent gas station and it would not hurt to get rid of another abandoned surface lot.  Metro Jacksonville suggests the owners (Bahri) and city staff make an effort work together to consider cost effective design options for an urban scale facility.

Article by Ennis Davis