Inside First Baptist Church Jacksonville

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Metro Jacksonville shares a behind-the-scenes look inside Downtown Jacksonville's largest religious institution, First Baptist Church.

Dining Room / Restaurant

Middle School Building and Bookstore

First Baptist Church Timeline

1838 - First Baptist Church established in July 1838 as the third church in Jacksonville.

1892 - The church settled at its present location between Hogan and Church Streets in the heart of the downtown district.

1901 - Church destroyed by the Great Jacksonville Fire of 1901.

1904 - Hobson Auditorium was completed.

1976 - 3,500-seat Ruth Lindsay Auditorium opens.

1986 - Preschool Building opens.

1988 - Sunday School enrollment stands at 14,172, up from 2,385 in 1969.

1993 - 10,000-seat present day auditorium opens.

2002 - Children's Building and Welcome Center opens.

2002 - plans for a state-of-the-art Senior Adult Building announced.

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Photographs and video by Daniel Herbin and Ennis Davis
Published February 13, 2010

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