A Vision for Arlington and the Beaches

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Metro Jacksonville highlights the Guiding Principles of the City of Jacksonville's Arlington/Beaches Vision Plan that will be unveiled Thursday, February 25, 2010.

Guideing Principle 1:

Community Character: Identify, Preserve, Protect, Promote and Enchance the Assets and Character of Greater Arlington/Beaches Communities

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The diagram above summarizes the various plans that have been completed for Mayport Village.  The Arlington/Beaches Vision Plan suggests that a cruise ship terminal not be located at Mayport.

Guiding Principle 2:

Land Use, Growth & Development: Protect and Promote Community Through Land Use, Revitalization, and Development Patterns

The diagram above illustrates existing residential and commercial land utilization in the district.

The diagram above indicates areas that should be targeted for higher density residential development.

The diagram above illustrates targeted areas for mixed-use development.

Redeveloping Regency Square Mall

Redeveloping Town & Country Shopping Center

Reimaging Arlington Road

Reimaging the Arlington Expressway

Incorporating potential bus stop improvements

Guiding Principle 3:

Transportation: Improve Mobility While Advancing Neighborhood Character

A new pedestrian friendly look for University Boulevard

Improving pedestrian flow along the Arlington Expressway corridor

Improving the Southside Boulevard corridor

Improving the transit systems throughout the district

Guiding Principle 4:

Economic Growth: Provide Economic Growth which Advances Neighborhood Character

Guiding Principle 5:

Open Space and Recreation: Enhance Conservation Areas, Parks and Recreational Opportunities

Taking advantage of existing natural assets for a new park.

Meeting Location

The draft Greater Arlington/Beaches Vision Plan  presenation will be held at the Regency Regional Library on February 25, 2010, at 6 p.m. If you would like more information on the Greater Arlington/Beaches Visioning, please e-mail Amy Hays Holliman or call 904-630-3477. The following is a link to download the draft Greater Arlington/Beaches Plan: Greater Arlington/Beaches Vision Draft Low Res (14941k PDF).


This will be the final presentation of the Arlington/Beaches Vision Plan to the Steering Committee before it's presented to the City Council.  If you have any input to provide, try and make the meeting.

View full draft of Arlington/Beaches Vision Plan

Article by Ennis Davis