Springfield Car Wash Approved

April 7, 2010 33 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

After months of contentious debate, the 4th Street Car Wash appeal was denied last night by city council. The appeal was filed by several Springfield landowners to reverse the decison of the Planning Commission to permit the opening of a historic car wash site on Main Street. Owner Silas Jones plans to move forward immediately.

In stark contrast to previous meetings, there was barely a third of the original group organized by the neighborhood association to protest the opening of the car wash.  Silas Jones, flanked by a few friends and supporters listened quietly as opposition made arguments to the Land Use and Zoning Committee (LUZ) of the City Council, hoping to overturn the decision of the Planning Commission.

The debate was contentious, leading to unruly outbursts from the small group of appellants.

The LUZ committee, with testimony and comments by Don Redman, Johnny Gaffney, Reginal Brown, Stephen Joost, Warren Jones, and chairman Ray Holt voted to deny the appeal, commenting on the excellence of the plan and the general improvement that its implementation would mean.

Metro Jacksonville was on the scene, and captured a few highlights from the evening.

After so many months, and with so much aid, support and effort from the Springfield Community, its nice to see the issue brought to a happy ending.