Jacksonville Transportation Center moves forward

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Although the city continues to fail to address the convention center's future, JTA appears to be moving forward with plans for the construction of a new transportation center. Today, Metro Jacksonville shares renderings of what the center will look like once completed.

This rendering shows the view of the transportation center, looking west from Johnson Street. To make the open plaza seem more inviting, the consideration of retail/dining on the plaza itself should be evaluated.  

A local example of this would be Riverside Square in Five Points.

JTA's proposed office building, looking north across Bay Street, from the Prime Osborn's parking lot. An opportunity to stray away from solid walls at street level seems to have been wasted.

Another view of the office building and transportation center, looking east along Bay Street.

A view of the office building and transportation center looking east along Forsyth Street.

An aerial of the proposed transportation center, which will be just north of the Prime Osborn convention center.

A sketch of the transportation center's public plaza, looking west from Johnson Street.

An aerial of the Jacksonville Transportation Center at buildout.

Phase 1 Statistics

• Bus Rapid Transit Stations

• Greyhound Bus Station

• 200 parking spaces

• 8,000 square feet of retail space on Johnson and Forsyth

• Public Plaza facing Johnson Street

• 4-story, 60,000 square foot transportation office building

Future Phases

• Amtrak/commuter rail station

• Renovation of Prime Osborn to make it a part of rail station when conventions aren't occuring

• An Elevated, 2,000-space parking garage

Estimated Costs

Total Cost: $180 million

Money spent to date: $10 million (design and environmental studies)

Federal stimulus request: $63 million

Construction Date

Late 2010, assuming JTA is awarded $63 million in federal stimulus funds this Winter. To date, the U.S. Department of Transportation has received 1,400 applications totaling $57 billion from every state for the $1.5 billion stimulus allocation.

Source: Jacksonville Transportation Authority


Article by Ennis Davis