Lost Jacksonville

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A century ago, Jacksonville was the center of a highly progressive architectural community. Over time, we have become a conservative community with little regard for the importance of architecture in our urban landscape. Here is a collection of images showcasing several significant structures that no longer exist in the downtown area. A few came down in fires; others were replaced by larger structures. Most were simply torn down and replaced with parking garages and surface lots. Hopefully, one day reminders showing what we have lost will provoke our community to work harder to save what's left.

57. Atlantic Coast Line Terminal - SW corner of Forsyth & Jefferson

58. Arcade Theatre - SE corner of Adams & Laura (currently a vacant lot)

59.  Andrew Jackson Hotel - NW corner of Main & Adams (The Police and Fire Pension Fund building location)

60. Looking east along Bay Street - block demolished for One Independent Square

61.  SW corner of Bay & Broad (current skyway corridor along Bay Street)

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