Elements of Urbanism: Bridgeport

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Metro Jacksonville takes a look at the downtown core of Connecticut's largest municipality: Bridgeport

Tale of the Tape:

Bridgeport Population 2007: 136,695 (City); 895,015 (Metro) - (incorporated in 1821)

Jacksonville Pop. 2007: 805,605 (City); 1,300,823 (Metro) - (incorporated in 1832)

City population 1950: Jacksonville (204,517); Bridgeport (158,709)

Metropolitan Area Growth rate (2000-2007)

Bridgeport: +1.41%

Jacksonville: +15.86%


Urban Area Population (2000 census)

Bridgeport: 888,890 (ranked 41 nationwide)
Jacksonville: 882,295 (ranked 43 nationwide)


Urban Area Population Density (2000 census)

Bridgeport: 1,910.3
Jacksonville: 2,149.2


City Population Growth from 2000 to 2007

Bridgeport: -2,834
Jacksonville: +69,988


Convention Center Exhibition Space:

Bridgeport: Does not have a convention center.
Jacksonville: Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center (1986) - 78,500 square feet


Tallest Building:

Bridgeport: Bridgeport Center - 16 stories
Jacksonville: Bank of America Tower - 617 feet (42 stories)


Downtown-Based Fortune 500 companies:

Bridgeport: Zero (0)
Jacksonville: CSX (261), Fidelity National Financial (435), Fidelity National Information Services (481)


Urban infill obstacles:

Bridgeport: Downtown is cut off from the rest of the city by several expressways.
Jacksonville: State & Union Streets cut off Downtown Jacksonville from Springfield.


Downtown Nightlife:

Bridgeport: Two blocks of Fairfield Avenue, between Harrison and Main Streets.
Jacksonville: East Bay Street, located between Main Street and Liberty Street.  This four block stretch is home to four bars and clubs.


Common Downtown Albatross:

Too many surface parking lots


Who's Downtown is more walkable?

Bridgeport: 89 out of 100, according to walkscore.com
Jacksonville: 88 out of 100, according to walkscore.com


Downtown Photo Tour

Photographs taken July 2008.


Unique Bridgeport

- The well known circus-promoter P.T. Barnum was once the mayor of Bridgeport.

- Bridgeport is the birthplace of the frisbee and the Frisbie Pie Company.

-The first Subway Restaurant opened in Bridgeport in 1965.

Article by Ennis Davis