Suburban Walkability: Markets at Town Center

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The Markets at Town Center is the latest addition to Jacksonville's suburban retail powerhouse.

About TheMarkets at Town Center

The Markets at Town Center is a new upscale lifestyle center, adjacent to the enormously popular St. Johns Town Center, at J. Turner Butler Boulevard & Gate Parkway in the Southside neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida.

Where style and life come together in one location, you'll find The Markets at Town Center. It's a unique combination of specialty shops, boutiques, restaurants and popular big box retailers. The Markets at Town Center enhances the growing Town Center area of Jacksonville, and provides exciting new shopping and dining options against a backdrop of lovely music, soothing fountains and beautiful landscaping. At the Markets at Town Center, a pleasant, walkable environment enhances quality of life. A dynamic mix of retail uses ensures vitality day and night. And an assortment of quality retailers and shops brings a certain appeal to the area's unsurpassed shopping scene.
While the "walkable environment" statement may be an inaccurate use of the term (in reality it is a typical strip shopping center), it will be interesting to see how long it takes to fill in the retail spaces during the current economic downturn.

Images by Ennis Davis