Urban Projects Struggle To Stay Alive

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Downtown will never be the same again. Well maybe it will be. Here's a brief list of urban projects that died or were indefinately delayed in 2007.


Highrise Towers

The Vu - (40 stories)
The Shipyards (38 stories)
Riverwatch (33 stories)
Old JEA Tower conversion (31 stories)
The St. John (51 stories)
The St. James (70 stories)
323 Duval (12 stories)
The Lofts at East Union (10 stories)
San Marco Riverfront District (multiple towers)
San Marco Village (multiple towers)
St. Johns Point (multiple towers)

Historic Adaptive Reuse

One12-Barnett Tower (18 stories)
Florida Life Building (11 stories)
Bisbee Building (10 stories)
Jones Furniture Building (7 stories)
Ambassador Hotel (6 stories)
605 W. Beaver Street
Genovar's Hall


The Jacksonville Landing Redevelopment
Ashley Oaks
The Parks at the Cathedral-phase II
Duval County Courthouse
LaVilla Bistro
The Metropolitan Bar
Ocean 11
East San Marco Publix
Park View Inn renovation


Bishopgate (19 stories)
Oak Street Lofts
Prado Walk
Riverside Court
St. Johns Village


East San Marco
LaSalle Square
Lofts of San Marco (8 stories)


Claude Nolan Cadillac Lofts
8th & Pearl
Liberty Lofts
Redell/Dancy Terrace
Springfield Arts Center