Union Station Tunnels Intact

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Metro Jacksonville has confirmed that the passenger tunnels at Union Station, thought to be filled in years ago, are still intact. These tunnels were built to bring passengers safely under the platforms to board trains on far tracks.

JTA and the Florida Department of Transportation insist that these tunnels have been filled in, but they have not. The entrance points of the tunnels are blocked with debri, but the entire length of the tunnels remains intact.

The transportation center that is currently being planned by JTA and FDOT calls for pedestian overpasses to be built above the tracks. In order to be ADA compliant, these overpasses would likely need to include elevators for each platform. The tunnel system currently in place uses ramps to bring passengers up to each platform.


One end of the tunnel has been covered over with debri. A small backhoe could have this cleared and the tunnel reopened in minutes. 


Inside the tunnel:

 Each platform has its own ramp that connects with the main tunnel which then leads to the main building.

Currently, the tunnels are filled with four feet of water. 


The platforms can still be seen to this day, complete with a yellow line to remain behind. The tall plants on the left are growing in dirt that was used to block a ramp entrance to the tunnel system.

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