Boomtown Returns to Springfield

September 13, 2007 11 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

Boomtown Theatre signed a lease with Petra Management (Chris Hionides) on Wednesday, September 12th to reopen the popular entertainment venue on Main Street.

The theater has been closed for a few months, following the sale of their former building location in Hemming Park and the owners (our own Stephen Dare among them) have been on semi hiatus from the theatre business until a suitable location could be found.Downtown, sadly, was impossible as the only suitable locations are owned by the City and therefore will never be used again by any member of the species Homosapien that will pay rent or not go to jail for breaking and entering.  All other buildings were demolished sometime over the past 20 years, leaving slim pickings for the intrepid theater.

In the meantime, as reported first here, they are opening a small bistro in San Marco, which will be open shortly. 

Despite considering Springfield to be out of the question due to psychotropically inspired rent expectations for the past 3 years, there was a recent change at one of the management companies that owns almost every brick and chain link fence on Main Street.  A change that has made their return possible.

(Bloody) Mary Farwell has ended her reign of terror at the Hionides HQ, possibly in order to spend more time with her family.  She has been replaced with a young new guy who seems intent on simultaneously restoring Main Street and the family name along with it.

The new building is um.....rough and will take a bit to get it up to speed, but moving vans were in use last night and progress will begin shortly.

Boomtown joins Inertia records in a new migration to Springfield, hopefully creating a circuit between The Pearl, Inertia, Shantytown, Boomtown and whatever might be happening at 9th and Main (until the Revolution, at least) 

Updates will be upcoming.