Inside the Bostwick Building

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Built in 1902, the Bostwick Building is one of downtown's most recognizable vacant historic buildings.

Bostwick Building timeline:

1880 - First National Bank opens on site.  This was Florida's earliest national bank.

1901 - First National Bank is destroyed by Great Fire of 1901.

1902 - The first half of current building is constructed.

1903 - Bank fails and is purchased by Guaranty Trust and Savings Bank

1919 - Building is expanded to current size

1922 - Guaranty fails and is taken over by Brotherhood State Bank

1925 - Head cashier Thomas R. Hendricks commits suicide in building

1930s - Building converted to office space and continuously owned by Bostwick family

1944 - 1960 - Home of H.J. Klutho's architectural office

1990s - Jaguar mural painted over boarded up windows


Bostwick Building Photo Tour: