Introducing The Eastside: Neighborhood Photo Tour

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While many are familiar with the rise and fall of LaVilla, not many know about Jacksonville's other historic African-American suburb and now inner city district... The Eastside.

The Eastside is the home of the famed Pat Lockett-Felder monument.  It is located at the intersection of Philip Randolph Blvd and First Street.



This commercial building sits immediately north of the Matthews Bridge Expressway ramps.  When the highway is eventually expanded, this structure will be demolished to accommodate additional lanes.


A. Philip Randolph Blvd

Formerly known as Florida Avenue, A. Philip Randolph Blvd. is the main commercial corridor running through the Eastside community.  A. Philip Randolph was the first African-American attorney in Jacksonville and a noted Civil Rights leader.

A. Philip Randolph Blvd. has been in a decades long struggle, since the Race Riot of 1969.  The riot was sparked by the shooting of an African-American male by a white truck driver on the street.  When the male ran into a crowd of school children, the truck driver shot into the crowd, angering many residents and kicking off a full scale riot, leading to the closing of A. Philip Randolph by Mayor Hans Tanzler.


Today, while large segments of the commercial strip are vacant, the urban building fabric still remains in place.


A few years ago, the City of Jacksonville improved the look of the area with an extensive streetscape project. 


While the commercial strip has fallen on hard times in the last few decades, Buster's has been a mainstay in the community and is still open for business. 


The new headquarters of the Jacksonville Children's Commission on A. Philip Randolph Blvd.


Looking south along A. Philip Randolph Blvd., from the Pat Lockett-Felder monument.



The Mount Olive A.M.E. Church, at the corner of Franklin & Pippen, was designed by Richard L. Brown, in 1922. 



The Gothic Revival styled Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church was constructed in 1908.  It is located at 740 Van Buren Street. 


The single family shotgun house is the dominant historical housing style in the Eastside. 


An available commercial building along North Florida Avenue.


The streets, north of First Street, are still lined with densely packed frame residential structures.


Like many other older urban communities throughout the city, the Eastside has its fair share of mixed-use structures as well.



Klub Casual Korner is located near the neighborhood's northern border at 7th Street and Florida Avenue.  Just north of this is the CSX rail line that serves the Tallyrand Port Terminal. 


This brick residence is located on Evergreen Avenue.


A row of single family structures on Evergreen Avenue.



The Eastside is separated from Springfield, to the west, by the old St. Johns Terminal Railroad spur.  This area is lined with mid/early 20th century industrial structures.


One of those industrial structures is the old Union Terminal Warehouse on East Union Street.  If this structure stays in tact, it would be a great place for a loft conversion.



This image captures the old Union Terminal, from Union Street during the early 20th century.  Today, while the building and street remain, the tracks no longer run in this area.