DVI Opposes Downtown BRT Plan

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In this image, Los Angeles' Orange Line BRT lane is blocked by a stalled car. In the spirit of the situation, Downtown Vision has become the first public agency to oppose JTA's BRT plans, potentially altering the agency's wishes to force their buses down Adams, Forsyth Bay Streets at the expense of the downtown environment. For more details read DVI's official letter.

At a recent RAP meeting, JTA officials stated that when the public speaks they listen.  An example of this, they claim, resulted in the shifting of a BRT route on the Westside. To date, JTA has recieved nothing but vicious haymakers, upper cuts, and right hooks towards their plan to rip the heart of downtown apart.  Now let's see if planners and consultants keep their word and listen to the potential end users and citizens of Jacksonville.  JTA, the ball is now in your court.


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