Mayhem at the Airport?

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For the past few months there have been allegations of serious mismanagement over at the Airport. Prison workers are being slaved for labor out there, as per our common practice, but they are being pretty much unsupervised and given run of the place by the airport in all of the sensitive areas.

Of course, we're still getting the vaseline and rubber glove treatment as regular citizens on the off chance that we brought a toenail clipper in our luggage, but the convicted felons can pretty much go anywhere they please doing things that regular people would end up in gitmo for.

The clencher is a series of photos showing all the guys in orange with huge cans of gasoline in the main powerplant of the building.  

According to sources, these photos were taken right after the sole security guard lost his gun.

They never found the weapon, and in order to not get it reported here in Duval County, Airport management allegedly engineered the tactic of reporting the gun stolen in Orange Park instead..

Anyways, the further allegedly man in charge of airport affairs, John Clark, has pretty much botched the whole idea behind homeland security and got caught with his pants down.  Naturally he wants to fire ANYONE who ever used the phone to call Folio.

Complicating matters is the racist nature of Northside Politics.  The guy is African American and the northside businessmen have been after his ass for a while, so its hard to figure out if the less flattering things in the allegations we have reproduced online are motivated from concern and pique over homeland security, or if they just feel like they finally have something to nail this guy over.

In any case, a bunch of unsupervised prisoners with gas cans and a stolen gun running amuck at the airport seems like a stellarly bad idea.

The situation apparently arises over ongoing disputes with the Unions, who hate him.  His response has been to lay off or fire entire divisions of workers, and then outsourcing their jobs.....apparently even if it means prison slave labor.

Councilwoman Suzanne Jenkins, casts a dubious brow over the scandal, pointing out that Clark's work at the Airport has resulted in greater growth and the long contentious history with the unions.  Councilwoman Glorious Johnson however feels that the internal politicking between Clark and the Unions has resulted in a situation that no amount of management/labor contention can adequately explain.

It certainly doesnt reflect well on Clark that he has apparently offered to fire outright anyone who talks to the media.

After all, if everything is perfect, what does he possibly have to fear from a little sunshine?

Anyways, have a look at the allegations we were sent, and check out the photos of prisoners with gasoline and a (still) missing gun with no apparent supervision at the Airport's power sub station.

Heartwarming eh?

Wonder if you and I could get away with it?





Police report citing drugs found were prisoners take breaks.