1926: The Year of the Skyscraper

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1926 may have been the greatest year in Downtown Jacksonville's history. It was known as the Year of the Skyscraper with seven buildings of ten stories or more under construction at the same time.

The following is a list of buildings around the downtown core that comprised the 1926 building boom:


Barnett National Bank Building (18 stories)



The Lynch Building "11 East" (17 stories)


Park Lane Apartments *Five Points* (17 stories) 


George Washington Hotel (14 stories) *demolished for parking lot


The Carling (13 stories)



Greenleaf & Crosby Building (12 stories)



The Atlantic Bank Annex (10 stories)


Other significant buildings constructed in 1926 


Florida Theatre Building (7 stories)



Jones Brothers Furniture Building (7 stories)



First Baptist Church Sunday School Building (6 stories)



Hildebrandt Building (6 stories)