Jay Jabour reconvenes and enlarges Downtown Pow Wow.

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(This would be a replacement meeting of the one recently co-opted and canceled by DVI)Basically a 'Back to Square One' meeting to discuss the ideas and solutions proposed over the past year and a half (many of which were hashed out on the various blogs, including this one) of reexamining downtown policy.

We don't have a copy of the agenda to this meeting, as ours was never submitted to the original one, but we anticipate being able to post more on it this Friday.Now that a completely new council has been elected, it is important to remember that many of the issues which have already been threshed out ad nauseum in the downtown circles are completely unknown territory for the new group of people guiding our city policies.

Naturally the bureaucracies have been hard at work, 'educating' the various council people as to why their various programs and theories are totally necessary to the future of the planet and not the downtown killing burdens which we know them to be,  so expect the full treatment.Try not to be shocked by claims that parking meters are all that stand between us and the apes, that downtown doesn't have a panhandling problem, that the BRT will magically run invisible, fumeless busses full of happy commuters that wont kill the Adams Street Corridor, and that 60 years of demolishing all buildings in sight has actually helped the downtown by pruning out the evil and cancerous buildings while leaving nothing but healthy fertile craters behind..... Yes, folks, the magic starts all over again.

Here is the official notice:


Notice is hereby given that Council Member Jay Jabour will meet with representatives of Downtown Vision, Inc. and Metro Jacksonville on Tuesday, September 4, 2007 at 4:00 p.m., in Committee Room  B , located at 117 West Duval Street, 1st Floor City Hall St. James Building.  The meeting is to discuss downtown law enforcement, parking, and economic vitality issues.   All interested persons are invited to attend.  

Please contact Jenny Huxford, ECA-At Large, Group 2, at (904) 630-1381, for additional information or correspondence. xc:     Council Members/Staff  Cheryl Brown, Director  Dana Farris, Chief of Legislative Services  Carol Owens, Assistant Chief of Legislative Services  Jeff Clements, Chief of Research  Terry Lorince, Executive Director of Downtown Vision, Inc.  Amy Harrell, Director of District Services, Downtown Vision, Inc.  Stephen Dare, Metro Jacksonville  Elizabeth Kenny, Police Lieutenant, Zone 1, JSO  Bob Carle, Chief of Parking Facilities   Enforcement, COJ  Paul Crawford, Deputy Director, JEDC  Mike Miller, Director of External Affairs, JTA  Office of General Counsel  CityC@coj.net