Downtown Construction Update: April 2007

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Check up on the progress of Downtown's construction projects in April. Some projects are moving faster than others, but progress is definitely being made.

Chelsea Lofts (Five Points)


1661 Riverside (Five Points)


Everbank Plaza (Riverside Avenue)


Berkman 2


Berkman 2


The Peninsula, San Marco Place & The Strand



The Strand & Peninsula



The Peninsula



San Marco Place


Churchwell Lofts (Bay Street Town Center)


Einstein Bagels in the Hyatt Hotel (no exterior signage installed)


Fuddruckers - Jacksonville Landing (not much progress made)


Laura Trio (Kuhn should be moving on the garage portion pretty soon)

One12 (Exterior work now talking place at street level)


20 West (moving slowly, at this rate it will take another year or two to complete)


Sunrise Cafe - Elks Building (interior finish work has started)


Chamblins Uptown


City Hall Annex (its nice to see the building saved, but the city dropped the ball by not following it's own downtown ordinance that demands street retail.)


218 Lofts


Starbucks - 11 East (it looks like the coffeehouse will take up the entire retail space)