Should Mayor Peyton Resign over Foleygate?

October 5, 2006 3 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

Across the city there is an immediate call going out for Mayor Peyton's resignation if he knew anything about Congressman Mark Foley's sexually explicit instant messaging with teenage boys and subsequently failed to act.

"Did the Mayor know he was a predator?", Sean Thompson from the southside area asks.  "Do we have reason to believe Peyton knew about it and didn't act?  If either one is true, he should resign immediately."
 Rebecca Gentry from Arlington said, "anyone who was aware of these instant messages needs to step down and that includes the mayor."
 The comments come as Republicans are reeling from the Mark Foley scandal.  Up to this point, it was thought that being a Republican was a beneficial title for Peyton.  Now it means he may have known about the "dirty Congressman's" instant messages and may be implicated as such.
 Could Mayor Peyton be another victim in the Mark Foley Republican scandal?  Stay tuned.