Jax Bits and Pieces

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PARDON ME Excuse me. Was I talking? Because I think that I was. --June 6, 2006 -- City Councilwoman Lynnette Self addressing Councilman Art Shad. Apparently, the Councilwoman felt that she had been interrupted one too many times by the sitting LUZ Chairman as they were discussing a proposed amendment to a submitted application for development along Atlantic Boulevard.


Liz Flaisig, formerly of the Jacksonville Business Journal is moving on up.  On up to Riverside Avenue that is...to the Times-Union to work on the editorialist board for the local daily.  Liz did a wonderful job at the Business Journal covering the at-times dizzying real estate world and we are sure she will be just as talented in her new position.  

David DeCamp, who has covered the Jacksonville political scene for 6 years for the Times-Union, announced today that both he and his wife Jennifer have accepted positions with the St Petersburg Times.  David will continue to cover the political scene in St. Pete, while Jennifer will be a Features writer.


Following up on her Chairmanship of the Downtown Action Committee, Councilwoman Suzanne Jenkins recently announced a meeting to continue discussing the issue of downtown parking with Councilwoman Elaine Brown on June 20th at 2:00pm in City Hall.  All members of the public are invited to attend.


Some say yes and some say no.  But apparently we passed the litmus test with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.  Two members of Metro Jacksonville, Inc. were recently granted press passes by the JSO Public Information Office.  We are thankful for the gesture and welcome the opportunity to have greater access to continue covering the stories affecting Jacksonville's growth.