Downtown Construction Update - May 2006

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 The Southbank
 The Strand (28 story apartment tower)
 San Marco Place (looking from the Peninsula) - 21 story condo tower
 San Marco Place & The Strand (looking north, just south of the skyway)
 The Peninsula (38 story condo tower)
 The Strand/Peninsula retail/pedestrian ground level (notice the brickwork going  up)
 The Strand (back) & Peninsula (front)
 The NorthBank
 Just because not that many cranes are up, doesn't mean its dead. Adaptive  reuse (conversion of historic structures) is hot on this side of the river
 The Barnett (18 story tower being converted into live/work lofts)
 The Metropolitan (conversion of old office building into 118 apartments)
 20 West (some sort of addition taking place behind the building)
 Berkman Plaza II - 23 story condo tower (notice the construction equipment/sales  center coming in and going up)
 Courthouse Garage - (courthouse could still be 5 years away, at least it  includes street level retail, although I don't understand why it wouldn't be  located on the corner)
 The Barnett, up close
 The Metropolitan (notice the new windows going in)
 Laura Trio, the Barnett and the future site of the Laura Trio garage
 Riverside Avenue
 EverBank Plaza (the new name of the Riverside Partners project)
 EverBank Plaza & BCBS
 EverBank Plaza & Fidelity office project
 Fidelity National Financial (almost done)