Downtown Construction Update - December 2006

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San Marco Place rises above the Skyway lines at Riverplace Station.

One12 (formerly known as the Barnett Building 


 20 West (left), Laura Trio (center) and One12 (right)


Chamblin's Uptown



218 Lofts on Adams Street


Klutho's YMCA Building being renovated into city offices 

A peak at the Berkman II construction site


Churchwell Lofts


County Courthouse garage & pocket park along Forsyth Street.


County Courthouse garage along Pearl Street.


Everbank Plaza on Riverside Avenue


Johnny's recently closed their Adams Street restaurant and relocated Riverside Avenue


Metropolitan Lofts streetscape.  Notice the light fixtures installed to up light the trees at night. 


San Marco Place


The Peninsula is now up to the 10 floor

The Strand

The Strand's retail and common area up close