Springfield Update

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Check out the latest Springfield developments.

Redell Court Renovations are progressing, although slowly. These 24 houses  are each on the market for $189,000.

 At about 4:00 am on August 14, this house on West 9th Street was destroyed by a  2 alarm fire. This is another historic structure that will likely be torn down.


The Jacksonville Jewish Center is now up for auction. A $75,000 deposit is  required to bid. I guess this means serious bidders only please.

 More information can be found at Urban Jacksonville.


Klutho Park Bandstand construction is underway.


The Klutho Park Fountain reconstruction is almost complete. The original  fountain was installed in 1910. If you would like to help fund this fountain  restoration, the cost to purchase a memorial brick is $50. Call 904-633-9308.


The SRG 2006 Symphony Showhouses on Silver St. between 4th and 5th St. are  complete. The event will be held October 7 - 22, 2006.


1951 Market is officially on the market. This restored school on Market  Street between 9th and 10th St. is now selling as condos, starting in the high  100's. Affordable housing maybe? www.1951market.com