News & Notes - Administration of the city

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New JEDC WebsiteThe Jacksonville Economic Development Association (JEDC) recently released a new website. It can be found at of the JEDC It's executive director, Ron Barton, just celebrated his one year employment anniversary in the city where florida begins.

Speaking of "Where Florida Begins"
 You probably remember it as the newest slogan for the city of Jacksonville.  You may also remember that the city paid politically connected Michael Munz's firm, The Dalton Agency, over $100,000 to come up with the slogan (a "deal" we were told).  Apparently, that wasn't enough though, because the photographer who licensed the photos as part of the slogan package (on has only licensed the photos for that site...meaning the city can't use the photos for branding anywhere else, without paying additional royalties.  Hmmm.

Adam Hollingsworth - Getting organized
 Working in a large beaucracy apparently can be chaotic at times.  That must be why Hollingsworth, of Mayor Peyton's administration, recently visited with Sheila Green of "GreenBean Corporate Organizing Solutions".  GreenBean's website says it  is "a professional organizing and consulting company committed to assisting individuals in taking control of their environments and making it functional".  In an email to Hollingsworth, Ms. Green suggested they meet once a month for "maintenance".  We're not sure what this means.