Happy Birthday Mr. GOP!

August 8, 2006 1 comment Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

It happens to everyone of us at some point. The years go by, you are living your life and one day you are cleaning out the attic and you discover an item that you can't remember buying. Maybe in the same way that you don't remember buying Mike Hightower a birthday present. No such thing happened you say? Over my dead body would I buy that political slink a birthday present! you may be saying.

Oh yes you did. You bought him a package containg six delicious cookies with colorful birthday balloons. You thought so much of Mike you even paid $8.95 to have the gift delivered! All in all, you spent $52.97 on Mike. Maybe you just don't remember because it was back in March of this year. Or maybe its because you didn't even get credit for the gift...because it was signed "Mayor and Staff".It's good being Mayor. Even if you have a personal net worth of $20 million, you get to buy gifts for your large GOP fundraiser at the expense of the taxpayers.

Your other purhases of note this year:

1) A symbolic "key to the city" for Rick Mullaney of the Office of General Counsel ($40.00).

2) A Fedex Kinko's bill for $173.54 to bind the pages of the "Big Ideas Book". Whatever happened to all those crazy ideas anyway?