No Parking Problem Downtown

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These shocking photos were taken of a recent foray downtown.The shocking part? They were all in the same parking lot.Pay attention to the adjacent flyers on the window shield. Driver comments: “This is f***ing Bullsh**!….F*** those bit****!”when we asked him which Bit**** he was referring to, he angrily gestured at the Library.

ticket15 Driver comments: (In hysterical tears, unable to comment)

ticket13 Driver comments: “This is insane! I work for the city!”

ticket14 Driver comments: “This is ridiculous. Its why I don’t come downtown”

ticket11 Driver comments: “No big deal, its just a ticket. I never come down here enough for it to matter anyways”

ticket10 Driver comments: refused to speak to anyone. Angrily got in car.

ticket9 Driver comments: no comment


ticket7 Driver comments: no comment

ticket6 Driver comments: “F****** Bull****! followed by attempt to snatch camera and angry drive off

ticket5 Driver comments: no comment

ticket4 Driver comments: no comment, notice the flyer and its ironic invitation…..concidence?

ticket3 Driver comments: In response to the question: Does this give you a positive feeling about downtown? “Are you crazy?!” We added that Terry Lorrince of Downtown Vision felt that people liked the parking fines and that they made people more comfortable with parking downtown. Her response: “Are you kidding? That Bit** must be insane!”
ticket2 Driver comments: Not observed.

And the flyer that was placed next to every single ticket almost as though at the same time?

An invitation to a Library “Parking Party” or more correctly a solicitation to use the happy services of Republic Parking Lot.

Inside the library, we could find no one who was sponsoring a Parking Party with Republic Parking.


Richard Knox