A Top-Heavy Administration

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Mayor Peyton has chosen to pay bigger salaries to more of his staff. Is this what Mayor Peyton meant when he promised us he would run government like a business? In 2002, the last full year of Mayor Delaney’s administration, the Mayoral staff consisted of 18 people. Of these 18, 22% made a six-figure salary. That is only four people: Mayor Delaney, Sam Mousa, Audrey Moran and Eric Green. Together these four were paid a combined total of $623,148.24. Adjusted for inflation, at a rate of 2% per year, that would be the equivalent of $671,845.00 in salaries today.

This is in stark contrast to the top-heavy administration that Mayor Peyton has put together that now consists of double the number of staffers who are paid six-figure salaries.  These eight staffers make a combined total of $1,248,033.00.  Overall, Peyton has increased the mayoral staff to 23 people.  Even with this increase in the number of staffers, the percentage of those making six-figure salaries has increased to 35%.  The eight big money staffers and their salaries are as follows...


Dan Kleman Chief Admin Officer $192,000
John Peyton Mayor $166,533
Pete Jackson Office of Faith-based Policies $147,000
Adam Hollingsworth Chief of Strategic Initiatives $147,000
Roslyn Phillips Deputy Chief Administrative Officer $124,000
Susie Wiles Chief of Special Initiatives & Communication $154,500
Steve Diebenow Chief of Staff $157,000
Alan Mosley COO $160,000