Across the Boards: Jacksonville News 1/20-26/2013

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A summary of Jacksonville news highlights from January 20, 2013 - January 26 , 2013.

Rep. Ray Lake will apply for the JaxPort CEO position. Meanwhile, Don Redman introduces legislation to ban barges from the port.

1 Spark. $1 million. 1 Khan. Meanwhile, Don Redman introduces legislation to ban billionaires from Jacksonville.

St. Augustine doesn't like the free market to be free.

International Pageants chooses downtown Jacksonville to hold their final events. Meanwhile, Don Redman introduces legislation to ban women from Jacksonville.

Using oysters to rebuild the shore line.

Another "Town Center" planned for St. John's County on Gate owned property? Yes. No. Maybe.

The port is 50 years old. Happy Birthday.

Whites and Blacks agree: racism exist. The survey was not conducted in Arizona.

Police are leaving the force because pensions are unreliable. Bring back bribery to subsidize police incomes?

Twist: the property seeking Superviser of Elections will probably run for Duval County Property Appraiser

Nordstrom Rack is one step closer.

Body Central receives entire incentive requested amount. Over 1 million. Unanimous approval.