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Council to Discuss Five Points Village Project Feb. 5

In June 2012, Five Points Village was partially destroyed by fire. Now Peter Sleiman's Retail Properties, Inc. is prepared to improve their strip mall and Riverside Avondale Preservation (RAP) is concerned. In addition to the preservation of the historic Bostwick Building, the Jacksonville City Council's Land Use and Zoning Committee will meet tonight at 5:00 p.m. to discuss this redevelopment project. In preparation of this meeting, Metro Jacksonville shares RAP's concerns and suggested design recommendations.

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Five Points Village Site Plans

Original proposed site plan

Current proposed site plan

Riverside Avondale Preservation's requested revisions.

Riverside Avondale Preservation's Recommendations
1. Removing green right-of-way for parking on Post St.

The developer has agreed not to create angled parking on Forbes St.  So the green right-of-way will remain.  However, they want to cut into the green right-of-way on Post St. to create four parallel parking spaces.  The location is right next to their building where four major crepe myrtles currently exist.  This is not allowed under the Overlay but the Council can approve it.  Post St. is a residential street just like Forbes and should be treated the same.
2. Allow only one driveway entrance to parking lot on Forbes St.

The current design of the parking lot does not contain the parking traffic/circulation within the lot but forces Forbes to be used for the parking lot circulation.  Most accidents involving pedestrians happen at intersections and driveways.  The Jacksonville ordinance code specifies only one driveway per road frontage and as far from intersections as possible.
3.Increase perimeter landscaping on Margaret St. to 5 feet instead of only 2 feet.

The developer plans on eliminating all of the green right-of-way on Margaret to create angled parking.  RAP believes this is why it is important to add perimeter landscaping within the parking lot so people aren't walking between parked cars.  RAP believes the developer can add more green space without affecting their parking spaces.  RAP offers 7-Eleven as an example for the Five Points Village developer to follow.  7-Eleven, which is going into the old Pizza Palace across the street, will be adding 10 feet of perimeter landscaping around their parking lot next to the sidewalks.

Riverside Avondale Preservation's Recommendations for Five Points Village

This project, along with the preservation of the historic Bostwick Building, will be taken up tonight at the Council's Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting.  The meeting will start at 5:00 p.m. in the 1st Floor Council Chamber at City Hall. For those interested in attending, City Hall is located in the heart of downtown Jacksonville at 117 West Duval Street.  

For those interesting in contacting LUZ committee members to share their concerns or ideas by email:
Lori Boyer (LUZ Chair) - lboyer@coj.net
Matt Schellenberg (LUZ Vice Chair) - matts@coj.net
Doyle Carter - doylec@coj.net
Warren Jones - wajones@coj.net

Bill Gulliford - gulliford@coj.net
Don Redman - redman@coj.net
Jim Love - jimlove@coj.net
Robin Lumb - rlumb@coj.net

Source: Riverside Avondale Preservation



February 05, 2013, 01:02:23 PM
Maybe I am missing something here, but it seems to me that once again, the original proposal is better for everyone than the compromised one. That some of the changes RAP is asking for eliminate the very things many seem to want in a walkable urban setting. That this is more an exercise in RAP flexing it's "muscle" than what the Jacksonville really needs.

Bill Hoff

February 05, 2013, 01:40:16 PM
I believe the Bostwick agenda item will be deferred until later in February.

Captain Zissou

February 05, 2013, 03:33:26 PM
The RAP version pretty much makes minor improvements to an awful design, when they should be addressing the design itself.  As long as the site plan has the building in back and a sea of parking up front, you're not going to get walkability or pedestrian scale.  You can put in as many shrubs as you want, but this doesn't address the real issues.


February 05, 2013, 04:15:40 PM
I think someone pointed out in another thread that trying to force them to fix the design could, and probably would, result in them just leaving everything as is. The shrubs here are barriers to channel the auto traffic and remove angled parking on the street; it's better than the developer's proposal and a lot better than how it is now.


February 05, 2013, 06:00:47 PM
Here's the original discussion on this: http://www.metrojacksonville.com/article/2012-nov-five-points-village-plans-cause-concern

My apologies.  I should have looked the above up before I posted.  The original in this article is how is was before the fire?  The second one does have some issues, but I still see a removal of sidewalk cafes?  Wouldn't that make the area more “walkable”? 


April 04, 2013, 01:06:30 PM
Is anything going on with this project??

Dog Walker

April 04, 2013, 02:18:48 PM
The only thing that has happened recently is that the owners have put up an illegal sign in the city-right-of-way with pictures of the facade and site plan.

To bad the whole place didn't burn down so that it could be rebuilt as something other than a suburban strip center.  It is really, really out of place where it is.
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