Across the Boards: Jacksonville News Summary 2/3-9/2013

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A summary of Jacksonville news highlights from February 3, 2013 - February 9 , 2013.

Epik Burger spells "epic" with a "k." They'll aslo serve beef from grass fed cows.

Jacksonville's "Skid Row" (where the car dealerships grow) is getting a $3 million upgraded Lexus shop.

Body Central names new CEO. Press release says he is "thrilled" and "excited". Reader challenge: find a press release that does not contain the words "excited" and/or  "thrilled."

When asked why they sold their Jacksonville terminal ($12.7 million) BP responded with "we believe in supporting the environment. The Gulf of Mexico deserves to be protected."

It's not so shadowy anymore. Jacksonville ranks #4 in foreclosures.
Yeah, we really needed an app to find parking downtown. 3 month trial period. After that cost is $15 to $20 per space.

Jaguars release a new logo. Downtown Vision, inc. releases another(!) Survey Monkey survey, "Do you think our video teaching people to 'do the jaguar' was good, great or incredible ?"

Samsung is building a distribution center in Jacksonville. Apple fan boys spontaneously combust.

They would love to. They think it's great. It seems perfect. Latitude 30 is not planning on moving into the ol' library.

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