Across the Boards: Jacksonville News Summary 2/10-16/13

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A summary of Jacksonville news that you may have missed. From February 10, 2013 - February 16 , 2013.

JSO, this Valentine's Day gift seem a little last minute. Wait...Instagram? Never mind. Finally, the "artistic" mugshots we've always wanted.

And then, JSO arrests one of their own for petty theft. Hold a press conference(video above).

Cummer announces their major donors for the Olmsted Garden Restoration. You may buy a brick.

Sneakers files for Chapter 11.

Wells Fargo is all like "you owe us $6 milli!" Jax trucking company is all like "you missed your chance for those benjies."

Mayo clinic receives $7 mil for Parkinsons disease research from NIH.

Duval County Public School administrators are required to teach classes to students. Too many jokes to make. Can't commit.

370 employees sent "homeward."

A documentary about Jacksonville and gun violence.

Add more news highlights to the comments.