About Metro Jacksonville

April 15, 2013


Metro Jacksonville was founded in March of 2006 in order to share news and information about Jacksonville and encourage discussion.  The mission of Metro Jacksonville is to educate and provide an avenue for discussing the important issues facing cities and residents. We strive to be a reliable source of information and to increase public awareness about the urban core, promote continued urban and pedestrian oriented growth with a focus on the Jacksonville metropolitan area, and to provide a platform for the study and implementation of public development policy around the United States.

Metro Jacksonville publishes original content every weekday, and has grown exponentially since its founding. We feature several unique products and one of the most respected public discussion forums in the country. The site has become one of the largest and most comprehensive urban transportation and public municipal policy resources available online and has won widespread respect and recognition for efforts in planning, historical preservation, and public dialogue.

To contact Metro Jacksonville about advertising, content partnership opportunities, press interviews, general questions/suggestions, consulting services or anything else, email at: metrojacksonville@metrojacksonville.com

The Publishers

Stephen Dare
Stephen Dare is an entreprenuer, journalist, restaurantuer, playwright and chef who has written about, studied, and travelled in the pursuit of the DNA of modern cities since 1987. He has lived primarily in Jacksonville Florida since the mid 1960s, and is from an old Jacksonville family. He has published three magazines: Spiff (mid 80s), Dare Tabloid (late 80s) and Babble, the Big City Magazine (early 1990s), has worked as a photographer with published photos in the Seattle Times, and a body of work as a test photographer for Ford in South Beach

In the process he was opened several bistros, coffeehouses, cafes, nightclubs and two dinner theatres in locations as diverse as Jacksonville Florida; Seattle Washington; Atlanta Georgia; San Francisco California, and Muncie Indiana. Additionally he ran a successful bankruptcy practice in Indiana, served on numerous cultural and historic preservation boards, written for independent magazines across the country, and participated in district revitalization projects in a number of locations, served as a telecommunications consultant for Fondas Karapas, the former National Security Advisor of Greece, prior to the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, and served as an on air chef for Channel 12 in Jacksonville Florida.

He is the author of 78 theatrical plays, 9 musicals, hundreds of published essays and articles on public policy, and a co writer and co producer of "In the Pits" a televised sitcom on The CW 17, and is currently in development for a new sitcom, "Pod People". He has been heavily involved in the both the national Spoken Word and Poetry movement of the 90s and 2000s as a promoter, venue owner and publisher as well as experimental theatre and Cabaret Revival, and is a featured contributor on the forums of MetroJacksonville.

In his spare time he participates in rediscovering the historical heritage of Jacksonville, Florida, and has devoted his life to understanding the processes whereby cities and neighborhoods develop, succeed, fail, and transform. He currently resides in the Historic Springfield District of Jacksonville, Florida.

Contact Stephen at stephendare@metrojacksonville.com or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/stephendar.oscarwilde

Arash Kamiar

Arash Kamiar is a distinguished graduate of the Jacksonville University Public Policy Institute who has spent several active years in public policy, politics and publishing.  Arash joined the Board in 2010.