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Another Streetcar for Portland

While Jacksonville prepares for the opening of State Road 9B, Portland expands its streetcar outside of downtown.

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The extension of the Portland Streetcar to the east side connects several inner city neighborhoods, catalyzes commercial and housing development, and provides additional alternative travel options for Portlanders.

Featured in this video: Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, Patrick Quinton (PDC), Michael Powell (Powell's Books & Portland Streetcar Board Chair), Chandra Brown (United Streetcar), and Portland Mayor Sam Adams.


Map of the Portland Streetcar Eastside Loop. Courtesy of

Map of future Portland Streetcar corridors: Courtesy of

Portland's Eastside Streetcar line, expected to open in October 2012, is a major 3.3-mile expansion of the Portland Streetcar that will run across the Broadway Bridge to Martin Luther King Boulevard and Grand Avenue, then run in a couplet south to OMSI. It's sometimes called the eastside loop because by 2015, it's expected to connect to the South Waterfront over the Willamette River Bridge.

Streetcar fans hope it will speed the transformation of Portland's central eastside into a denser, more walkable and more heavily residential area.

Congratulations to Portland on continuing to strive to be a trendsetter.  One day Jacksonville will get there.  Even if we have to pull leadership along, kicking and screaming.

Article by Ennis Davis



December 06, 2012, 08:14:33 AM
I was in Portland for the first time a few months ago and I found getting around on the rails pretty easy.


December 06, 2012, 09:19:02 AM
forget about SR 9B...what about the $250+ million that FDOT is allocating to ROW acquisition for the next phase of the Outer Beltway (SR 21 to I-95)


December 06, 2012, 09:28:52 AM
Those property owners who plan to develop their land around the future Outer Beltway aren't donating ROW?


December 06, 2012, 10:14:21 AM
not according to the draft FDOT Work Program


December 08, 2012, 01:34:50 AM
Those property owners who plan to develop their land around the future Outer Beltway aren't donating ROW?

Though the old adage (for now) remains true, one cannot choose their family, and not to be a major ass - but certainly you are being facetious?

please do not misunderstand me.  Imho, I just do not think we need this outer (cassatt) outer(295) outer (fcob)bypass unless it is for rail first, when our core and inner ring is not even on life support!

WhyWhen the interchange for  Racetrack and95 could largely be a fix much like collins/295.

Oh thatsright the rich get richer, two tier society here we come with Nitrous fed allwheeldrive and supercharged watercooled twin-turbos glowing

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