Results of the Boom: Dead Projects

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With the real estate boom of the new century now over, Metro Jacksonville takes a look at major proposed projects that died or were indefinitely delayed.

Ambassador Hotel

Adaptive reuse project turning the six story structure into 50 apartments. - Indefinitely delayed

Brooklyn Park

- Historic building fabric demolished last year, but project appears to be indefinitely Delayed.

East San Marco

Mixed use development featuring an urban Publix, 147 residential units and 24,000 square feet of retail. - Delayed

8th & Pearl

Three story mixed use infill project in Springfield. - Dead

Jacksonville Landing Redevelopment

Renovation and expansion of the Jacksonville Landing. Project included opening the courtyard up to Laura Street, condominiums and a high rise on the east lot. - Dead

Jones Furniture Building

Adaptive reuse project converting the abandoned 7 story building into law offices. - Dead

The Laura Trio

Proposed restoration of Jacksonville's oldest highrise towers into office condominiums. To keep these buildings from crumbling to the ground, the city should attempt to correctly seal these structures. - Dead.

Laura Trio Garage

This project is part of Cameron Kuhn's failed attempt at revitalizing several downtown buildings. - Dead

Liberty Lofts

The conversion of the old Chevrolet Parts Warehouse into 29 apartment lofts. - Dead

The Lofts at East Union

10 floor, 73 unit condominium tower - Dead

Main Street Lofts

The conversion of the abandoned Cadillac Building into residential lofts. - Dead

Ocean Square

A 12 story condo tower with a movie theater and retail at street level. This project required demolishing the Haydon Burns Library. - Dead

Oak Street Lofts

An infill mixed use structure with 8 lofts in Five Points. This project recievedheavy opposition from the Riverside community because of a lack of parking.- Dead

Old JEA Tower

This ambitous project would have renovated the old JEA Tower and added an additional structure on one side. - Dead


Adaptive reuse of the 18 story Barnett Building into 105 residential lofts. Construction ended when Kuhn's empire came crumbling down.- Dead

Ortega Yacht Club

A 20 story, 80 unit condominium tower on the Ortega River - Delayed

Park View Inn

The conversion of the blighted Park View Inn into 100 affordable condominiums. - Dead

Redell/Dancy Terrace

The redevelopment of a blighted block of Springfield into a 24 home historic cottage community. - Dead

Residences of Bishopgate

A 19 story, 80 unit condominium towerin Five Points.- Dead

River Watch at City Centre

A 35 floor tower with 200 residential condo units and 200 hotel units. - Dead

The St. James Hotel & Residences

A 68 story with five star 169 unit hotel and 469 residential condominiums. - Dead

The St. John

A 582'tall, 51 floor tower with 300 residential units. - Indefinitely postponed

St. Johns Point

Four towers (36, 33, 30, & 15), 840 residential units and 222,000 square feet of retail and office space. - Dead

St. Johns Village

A 21 story, 216 unit condominium tower along with 20,000 square feet of retail. - Dead

San Marco Riverfront District

A 25 acre urban mixed use development featuring a 10 acre riverfront park, 2,000 residential units and 565,000 square feet of retail and office space. - Dead

San Marco Village

Six towers (48, 48, 48, 42, 59, 9 story hotel), 2,000 residential units and 177,800 square feet of retail space. - Dead

The Shipyards

A 38 story tower with 328 units. Riverwalk improvements are still being made, but tower component is Dead.

6th & Market

Restoration and expansion of abandoned Springfield building into residences above street retail. - Dead

605 West Beaver Street

The conversion of abandoned LaVilla Building into lofts with street retail. - Dead

Springfield Arts Center

The conversion of an abandoned warehouse into 33,000 square feet of loft office space. - Dead

SRG - West 7th Street

The development of infill loft condominium project in Springfield. - Dead

323 Duval

12 story 123,000 square foot office tower with street retail space. Indefinitely postponed (contingent on courthouse)

200 Riverside

A 111,300 square feet of office space and 250 residential units. - proposed 2008 ground breaking (the clock is ticking)

218 Lofts

Adaptive reuse project to convert an abandoned office building into residential lofts. - Dead

241 Ashley Street

A five story, 26,000 square foot office building. - Delayed

The Vu

A 40 story, 190 unit residential condominium tower. - Indefinitely postponed

YMCA / St. Joe Tower (Not pictured)

This 17 story condominium tower would have replaced the Riverside Avenue YMCA. - Dead

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Article by Ennis Davis & Jason Sharpe