Downtown Construction Update - April 2008

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A look at the progress of various downtown projects under construction during the month of April.

1. City Hall Annex

2. 20 West (Lerner Shops Building)

3. The Peninsula

4. The Peninsula

5. The Peninsula

6. The Peninsula

7. Department of Health on Hogans Creek

8.Step's Shoes & Accessorieson Adams St.

9. Kuhn's Buildings (should we board thesestructures upwhile the foreclosure process continues?)


11. Mare's Sweet Kabob on Hendricks Avenue

12. Winn Dixie Market Street

13. Churchwell Lofts on East Bay

14. The Shipyards

15. The Greening of Main Street

16. Berkman II

17. Brewster Hospital

18. Forest Street Pocket Park

19. Forest Street pocket park

20. Forest Street Pocket Park & DuPont Trust Headquarters

21. DuPont Trust Headquarters

22. Gas Knob Pub

23. Kings Avenue Station

24. Chamblin's Uptown

25. Main Street Streetscape

Photo Tour by Ennis Davis