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Get ready to catch the Billion Dollar Bus

Are you ready to take a potential billion dollar bus ride, 30 years from now, that will be able to whisk you from downtown to Gateway Mall, via I-95 or blow down Bay Street at 40 miles an hour? Today Metro Jacksonville shares a few diagrams of what our potential RTS will resemble when our grandkids...

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Bus Rapid Transit to Destroy Downtown

As with any major plan, downtown will be the heart of Bus Rapid Transit. Unfortunately, if no real noise is made by the community, it will have devastating effects on everyone's desire to have a vibrant and pedestrian/retail friendly core.

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"BRT" = Better Quality, but not "Rapid Transit"

If you plan cities for traffic, cars and transit - You get traffic, cars and transit. If you plan for people, places and transit - You get people, places and transit. For too long, the leaders and transportation planners of this city have focused on "How do we want our transit network to work best?"...

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Commuter Rail: Coming to a city near you!

Unfortunately, its headed to a town about two hours to the South called Orlando. Nevertheless, the success of this rail line in the land of Mickey will impact the future of Jacksonville more than we think. In the meantime, the planning of this commuter rail line provides a nearby blueprint for our...

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Commuter Rail: Let's be bold

It's time for bold thinking on developing alternative transportation systems in Northeast Florida. If city officials come together to look beyond the boxes of their own Clay, Duval and St. Johns county lines, the inconceivable could become achievable.

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Metro Jacksonville Responds to JTA, Mayor Peyton

Even Ottawa (King of BRT) is turning to rail. JTA officials believe their $21 million/mile BRT plan is cheaper than commuter rail and tout Ottawa?s 16-mile BRT system as a success. However, recent commuter rail projects in peer cities are coming in at under $10 million/mile and some as low as $2 million/mile....

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Central Florida Commuter Rail Deal may help Jacksonville

CSX Transportation recently announced an agreement in principal to sell 61 miles of the A-Line, from DeLand to Poinciana, to the State of Florida for a proposed Central Florida Commuter Rail operation. The railroad plans to divert most freight traffic away from Orlando and onto the parallel S-Line, which...

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Jacksonville Transportation Center Renderings

The proposed $127 million Jacksonville Transportation Center (JTC) will involve bringing the old Jacksonville Terminal (Prime Osborn) back to its original use. When complete the terminal will serve JTA buses, the Skyway, Greyhound, Amtrak, and potentially commuter rail. Other components include 2,200...

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