Traffic Shifts at I-95 and Butler Boulevard Planned

Published January 15, 2016 in Transportation -

Motorists traveling from westbound Butler Boulevard (JTB) to southbound I-95 will begin using a new ramp Friday morning. The new ramp will guide motorists to a new overpass merging onto southbound I-95.
The shift will begin Thursday night to open the ramp for motorists Friday morning. The shift is part of the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) I-95 and JTB Interchange Improvement Project.
A second shift is tentatively scheduled January 28. Motorists traveling southbound I-95 will shift to the right just north of JTB and continue over a newly constructed overpass over JTB. The exit ramp to JTB (Exit 344) remains open.

The traffic shifts will enable construction crews to remove the existing structure so they can begin building a new overpass on southbound I-95 over Butler Boulevard.
Motorists are encouraged to watch for changing traffic patterns.

Up-to-date lane closure information is available on the project website at A project hotline number has been established to assist the public with questions and concerns: 904-491-2133.

For more information regarding FDOT projects around the Northeast Florida area, please visit

Source: Florida Department of Transportation

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Shift location for traffic coming from JTB westbound and taking the loop to go southbound on I-95.  Note vehicles on the existing lanes making the right loop toward I-95.  Traffic is scheduled to shift to the new asphalt early Friday morning.

Crews continue to finalize asphalt pavement on January 13 for traffic using the loop ramp from westbound JTB onto I-95 to go southbound has a merge with traffic from eastbound JTB on the right as well as merging with I-95 southbound traffic, on left.

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