The First Coast Expressway Takes Shape

The first phase of the First Coast Expressway continues to advance between I-10 in West Jacksonville and Blanding Boulevard in Clay County. Here's a look at what you'll find driving along this construction zone today.

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About the First Coast Expressway (FCE)

The First Coast Expressway (FCE) is a new multi-lane limited access toll facility that will eventually connect Interstate 95 (I-95) in northern St. Johns County to Interstate 10 (I-10) in western Duval County. The 15-mile northern section from SR 21 (Blanding Blvd) in Clay County to I-10 in Duval County is currently under construction with a completion of summer 2016, weather permitting. Construction is scheduled to began this past summer on a short extension from I-10 to Beaver Street (U.S. 90) with an expected completion of spring 2018. The southern section from I-95 in St. Johns County to Blanding Blvd in Clay County is currently in the preliminary design phase. The southern section will include a new bridge over the St. Johns River.

The FCE will provide a connecting roadway, outside of the existing I-295 loop, between I-95 in St Johns County and I-10 in Duval County. A total of 13 new interchanges and a major bridge structure across the St. Johns River are also proposed. The total length of the proposed roadway is approximately 46.5 miles.

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The First Coast Expressway (FCE) in Duval County

New interchange under construction at FCE and New World Drive.

When complete, the new overpass will carry New World Drive traffic over the FCE.

The FCE at Normandy Boulevard

An overpass carrying Normandy Boulevard over the FCE is under construction.

The FCE approaching 103rd Street

The FCE's interchange with 103rd Street

An overpass carrying 103rd Street over the FCE is under construction.

The First Coast Expressway in Clay County

The FCE approaching Argyle Forest Boulevard

Work continues on the construction of the FCE's future northbound lanes.

Construction of a northbound bridge over South Prong Double Branch.

Traveling northbound near South Prong Double Branch

Construction continues on the Oakleaf Plantation Parkway interchange.

Unlike the Duval County interchanges, the FCE is travel over the Oakleaf Plantation Parkway interchange in Clay County.

In Clay County, frontage roads have been built to provide existing development with non-tolled access.

The FCE at Trail Ridge Road.

Traveling northbound near Trail Ridge Road.

At Branan Field Road and Old Jennings Road, the FCE veers west to tie into Blanding Boulevard.

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