Jax Isn't the Only One! 60 Years of Urban Change

Historically, Jacksonville is a great case study of how to kill a downtown, displace long-time residents, destroy established communities and historic building stock. However, 60 Years of Urban Change, a recent study by the University of Oklahoma Institute for Quality Communities, suggests we're not alone. Here's a brief glimpse of Jacksonville's transformation, along with a few peer cities.

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A few American cities, typically scenes of early preservation movements, appear to virtually be the same from above:

Miami Beach, 1961 to 2014

New Orleans, 1964 to 2014

Then there's the ultimate minority. Cities completely engulfed by rapid growth over the last few decades, resulting in densification during the automobile era:

Miami, 1961 to 2014

Then there is Jacksonville. A city that has completely disrespected its past to the point where it's hard to determine the city's true identity:

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Jacksonville, 1963 to 2014

However, despite what we may think locally, Jacksonville isn't alone. Most US cities have undergone the same trial and errors in urban development and growth since the end of World War II. Need proof?  Here are a few American cities that appear to have been just as urban renewal happy as Jacksonville in the later half of the 20th century:

Oklahoma City, 1954 to 2014

Cincinnati, 1955 to 2013

Houston, 1953 to 2014

Detroit, 1951 to 2010

Charlotte, 1964 to 2014

Kansas City, 1955 to 2014

Nashville, 1951 to 2014

Louisville, 1952 to 2014

More cities: http://iqc.ou.edu/2014/12/09/60years/

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